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Our Qualifications

All of our appraisers are IL STATE CERTIFIED and FHA approved, each possessing expertise in a specific geographic region in the city of Chicago or its surrounding suburbs. We provide appraisal valuations for every residential property type and have property specialists with expertise in categories from multi-million dollar luxury housing to REOs. 

We understand your unique needs

We know that your valuation needs are often time-sensitive so our offices are staffed with full time order-tracking and customer service representatives as well as appraisal reviewers so we are always available to answer questions, service outstanding files and meet your needs. All of our products are shipped electronically by E-mail or EDI technologies so there will never be a delivery hangup.

We have same day turn-around capability! We can handle your RUSH requirements!

We offer convenience and assurance through technology

Our utilization of superior technology has allowed us to provide better service to our clients while controlling costs. We consistently outperform our competitors with better turn-around times by streamlining the appraisal process.

With the click of a mouse you can order, track, and receive your appraisal order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our site also provides online statements and 30 day appraisal pick-up access to your appraisals through a personal and secure logon. Our system is updated daily so you are always in the loop during the entire transaction from the appraisal request through delivery. 

We also are able to send reports digitally through our forms software in a variety of formats including but not limited to EDI, PDF, XML and AI Ready. By delivering your appraisal electronically we eliminate the cost and time losses of the shipping process. Electronic delivery ensures you receive your appraisal the same day it was completed.

You are protected

Our website is SSL Certified.  This digital certificate authenticates the identity of our website and encrypts all information sent to the server using SSL technology. You can feel at ease knowing that your personal information is protected.

leaders in the appraisal industry

In today’s market there are many options for your valuation needs but service is what makes us the clear choice. We will always keep you in the loop and communicate with you often and in your preferred method. We can update you on the progress of your order via phone, fax, or email. Our commitment to superior service has prompted us to invest in eTrac, the most sophisticated  appraisal management software available. The eTrac Office Manager will allow us to provide unparalleled service by truly
managing the appraisal process. Our clients will have the ability to order online and check the status of their appraisal order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


Our new system will help us keep you informed by automatically contacting you as we make updates to your order status. The ability to offer our clients online statements and instant appraisal downloads for 30 days is unprecedented in our service area. Our
client's will no longer need to fax in orders, follow up with phone calls and wait for the physical delivery of the report by the courier. These are just a few ways that our company can provide you with better-quality appraisal service. We have constantly been ahead of the curve with our strides in technology and will continue to be a technology leader in our industry. 


OWNER and chief appraiser:

Keith Baldwin

Our company specializes in appraisal of all types of residential properties, covering seven total counties in the Chicagoland area. I have cultivated a personal expertise in luxury caliber properties and have been appraising, for many years now, some of the highest valued residential real estate in the Chicagoland area. Besides local coverage, I have a secondary area of personal coverage between Chicago's Goldcoast north to Lake Forest, including all of the North Shore suburbs. Our office is partnered with numerous subcontractors so we are able to provide expansive geographical coverage. 

Advanced Appraisal Partners, LLC also has a robust property tax appeal appraisal service. This service has become especially relevant since the advent of the housing crisis as most local assessors are failing to adequately address property value losses. We find that we are able to achieve significant property tax reductions for most of the customers who reach out to us for these services.

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